Minutes from town of Elkton’s Web Site Concerning the Proposal


(Town of Elkton – Workshop minutes of July 9, 2008)

Mayor Fisona asked the Board to review proposed agreement from MBAV, LLC. He said MBAV, LLC proposed to identify and negotiate the acquisition of a site suitable for a recreation center, in addition to negotiation of the sale of a Town-owned parcel to a commercial entity in order to fund the recreational facility.

Commissioner Piner questioned the location of the properties involved in the agreement. Ms. Minner stated the agreement proposed to sell a parcel adjacent to Route 40, which was originally purchased with Program Open Space Funds, using the proceeds from that sale to purchase a parcel located on Bridge Street on which to construct the recreational facility.

Commissioner Storke expressed concerns regarding the property on which the recreational center was to be built. He asked if the Maryland Department of the Environment (“MDE”) cleared the site for recreational use. He further questioned the restrictions regarding disposal of construction debris from the site.

Mayor Fisona queried the Board for a decision authorizing the execution of the MBAV, LLC agreement. Mayor Fisona and Commissioners Piner and Jablonski stated their support for the agreement. Commissioner Storke stated his opposition to the agreement. Commissioner Givens stated he was undecided.


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