Elkton Commissioners Discuss Sale of Program Public Open Space Land

(At the a meeting of the commissioners on May 14, 2008, the board discussed selling a part of Elk Landing, a parcel that was acquired through Maryland’s Program Open Space funding.  This is a copy of the pertinent minutes.)

Mayor Fisona called the workshop to order at 4:00 P.M.

Mayor Fisona introduced Mr. Mike Vaughn, stating Mr. Vaughn presented a proposal to the Town offering consultant services to identify and obtain a location suitable for a town recreational facility.

Commissioner Storke expressed concerns that the Board had not collectively discussed Mr. Vaughn’s proposal prior to the Workshop meeting. Mayor Fisona stated Mr. Vaughn was prepared to provide the details necessary to enable the Board to discuss the proposal.

Commissioner Storke questioned if the proposal had been presented to other groups that had an interest in the parcel adjacent to the Elk Landing property. Mayor Fisona answered in the affirmative, saying the Elk Landing Foundation Board voted in favor of the proposal.

Discussion ensued regarding the Town’s original purchase cost and plans for the parcel adjacent to the Elk Landing property, located on the south side of Route 40, west of the Wastewater Treatment Facility.

Commissioner Storke expressed concerns regarding the proposed switch to commercial use of the parcel, as it was originally purchased with Project Open Space Funds. He questioned how the parcel could be traded for another parcel upon which a recreation center was to be built. Mr. Vaughn stated if the Town was unable to secure the ability to relocate the designated recreation center then his proposal would be moot. He added that the proposed project, if successful, would enable the Town to use funds from one asset to invest in another.

Commissioner Storke questioned future plans for the expansion of the Waste Water Treatment Facility. Mr. George said the plant could expand to 5 million gallons per day at its existing location, but any additional expansion required more land. Mayor and Commissioners Workshop Meeting Minutes May 14, 2008 Page 2 of 3

Mr. Vaughn stated his understanding of the Workshop meeting was to discuss options to locate an appropriate property for a recreation center.

Discussion ensued regarding possible locations for a recreation center and Program Open Space funding availability.

Commissioner Piner asked Mr. Vaughn to provide specifics of his plan in writing to the Board for review. Mr. Vaughn stated he would provide a written summary for the Board.


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