Town Government Discusses What It Promised Elk Landing

There is a great deal of misinformation and confusion concerning the attempt to sell the 20 acres of public open space at Elk Landing to a commercial developer.  In order to create an outlet where the facts are reported directly, I will start posting audio clips from the public records of the town of Elkton.

In this audio clip from of a meeting of the Mayor and Commissioners on Juy 09, 2008, the town board discussed what the town promised the nonprofit Elk Landing board in order to get its approval of the development concept.  In addition the official minutes of the town meeting note that the Elk Landing board approved the plan.

Click on the MP3 link below to listen to the actual discussion.  

Click here to listen to the MP3 audio.


3 responses to “Town Government Discusses What It Promised Elk Landing

  1. Tom Paine's Ghost

    At least one politician in Elkton has a backbone! The citizens are well represented by Commissioner Storke. I like his style.
    “He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” -Thomas Paine

  2. Thomas Paine

    Thanks for posting and I agree. I’ve carefully watched town meetings for a few months, beginning when the the Mayor first approached the Elk Landing Board about giving up its 99-year rights to the proptery. Commissioner Storke has stood by the side of preserving this open space at every meeting I’ve been too. He generally is the only one to take positions on most of the other controversial issues that have come before the board. When the very significant computer overun came up, if he hadn’t asked questions initially and then continued to follow-up, I suspect the public would’ve never heard that story. When the mayor tried to change the agenda at the last second, he challenged that and got the mayor to reverse his position. When the mayor dismissed the long-term planning chairman without so much as letting him know about it ahead of time, and then reversed his position, Commissioner Storke spoke against the mayor’s action on that. He also thanked Chairman Wiseman for his service. I could go on and on with anecdotal evidence supporting your statement.

    The other four are generally on the other side of the issue, don’t comment or say that they’re undecided.

    At least the Cecil Whig noticed that and wrote one of the most powerfully supportive editorials of a politican that I’ve ever seen them produce.

  3. Thomas Jefferson

    I agree! Sounds like that Commissioner Storke is a good politician!

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