Commissioner Jablonski Says RMR Property is Ideal for Recreation Center

For the greater part of 2007, several members of the Elkton town board have supported selling off 20 acres of public open space at Elk Landing in order to build a recreation center at a location on Bridge Street, the RMR property. A little Googling shows that the EPA has identified that particular site as a Brownfield, and the commissioners finally discussed that finding Just as it was on the edge of signing the contract to hire a developer to manage the process. Click on this link to go one to the EPA report on that location. A Google search will turn up a number of other related reports. Obviously more information is needed on this subject, but it is one that should have been investigated early in the due diligence process.

Click here to listen to a commissioner’s meeting discussion about the RMR property. Commissioner Storke is the voice questioning issues related to acquiring a Brownfield.


4 responses to “Commissioner Jablonski Says RMR Property is Ideal for Recreation Center

  1. What’w wrong with these people? Two years ago they said the land was historic and in need of protection to help safeguard the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area. Now they want to put a HOOTERS down there?

  2. An Appalled Elktonian

    A HOOTERS!?!?!?!? I am APPALLED that the Mayor and Commisoners would allow such a vulgar restaurant to move to a town like this! What is the world coming to?

  3. Maryland Hooters

    Horray! A Hooters is coming to Elkton!

  4. OneEyed Johnny & Appaled Elkton:

    I’ve been watching the town on this since March and obtained my insights through attending meetings and Freedom of Information Act requests. Those observations and the documents indicate that they’re talking about putting a Target Department Store down there, not a Hooters.

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