Mayor Fisona Dismisses Planning Chairman but Reverses Action at Town Meeting

Attendance at Elkton Town Meetings provide some remarkable and valuable insights.  Here, for example, is one of several important items that caught my attention at the Aug 6 meeting.

Mayor Fisona asked to reappoint the long-term chairman of the planning commission, David Wiseman, to the planning board.  When the mayor called for the vote, Commissioner Storke asked Mayor Fisona why he sent a letter dismissing Chairman Wiseman and then reversed himself at the last minute. In Storke’s comments he indicated that he was pleased with the services of the chair and he went on to personally thank him for serving the town so very well.  The commissioner also questioned why the resignation letter was sent without first meeting with Wiseman to discuss the dismissal and why other members of the town board weren’t asked about this action.

Unusual for Elkton town meetings, the room was nearly full for this meeting and Commissioner Storke received a lot round of applause from many members of the public attending this meeting.


13 responses to “Mayor Fisona Dismisses Planning Chairman but Reverses Action at Town Meeting

  1. I am blogging on behaf of EHTICS (Elkton’s Town History IS Considered Sacred), a community- based activist group that is dedicated to preserving what remains of Elkton’s colonial era historical landmarks.

    ETHICS is deeply concerned about the proposed land swap deal involving 20 acres of the Historic Elk Landing Foundation (HELF) property. ETHICS maintians that the land is critical to to mission of HELF and should not be sacraficed for any reason. The land was purchased for public park use under Poject Open Space, a program of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources(DNR). Some of the parcel lies within the boundaries of the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area. For the mayor and commmissioners of thetown of Elkton to consider selling this land off to a developer in return for for an unspecified price and then swap the land for the RMR property, an EPA designated “Brownfields” site is unconscionable and unehtical. The two properties are nowhere equal in value environmentally or culturally. If it wasn’t for the brave stance taken against the the deal by town commissioner Gary Storke, this boondoggle would probably have gone through and the people of Elkton would have lost part of a priceless historical resource, and in return, would have gained a potentially hazardous playground for children

    The cultural value of the HELF property has been further enhanced by the passage on July 10, 2008 of H.R. 1286; a bill that would add the Wahington-Rouchambeau Revolutionary Route (W3R) to the National Trail System administered by National Park Service (NPS). The bill passed the House by a vote of 345-69 with 20 abstentions. An identical bill, S.686 awaits action in U.S. Senate. If passed and signed into law, the 600 mile Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route would be added the country’s national trail system that already includes familiar gems like the Appalachian Trail . Elk Landing is a key point on the W3R. American and French troops passed through Elkton on the way south to fight the military campaign that culminated with the victory at Yorktown that ultimately led to America’s independence from England. Details of H.R. 1286 may be found at :

    EHTICS plans to contact DNR to call for public hearings to investigate the use of POS funds in the proposed HELF land swap deal. EHICS also plans to contact NPS and will be requesting an investigation into why land that is historically signifiacnt enough for federal protection as national trail is being considered for sale.

    Please support historical preservation in the town of Elkton. Contact the mayor and town commissioners and tell them to opose development on HELF porperty. Support ETHICS!

  2. George Washington

    I like that! How can I sign up for ETHICS?

  3. Please We need all the support we can generate available to the general public.
    Make information about your organization known.

  4. Andy:

    Thanks for blogging and feel free to add more comments. I’m doing this as an individual and it is not affiliated with any organization.

  5. Minuteman:

    We can use all the help possible on this since the town administration has been pushing hard on making this happen since early spring. You make an interesitng point about the value of the land that just seems so obvioius. Park land at the top of the navigable waters of the Chesapeke in comparison to an old industrial Brownfield in the middle of a WW-II era commercial district. Keep your group on this and keep “someone noticed,” informed of any thing you do.

  6. I was asking about how to become involved with ETHICS !

    Where can they be reached ?

  7. Andy:

    Thanks for checking back with “Someone Noticed: the 411 on the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton. When I read your comment I thought you were inquiring about whom I was affiliated with.

    Minuteman announced the formation of ETHICS in the blogosphere a few days ago. I don’t have any additional information on the group, but look forward to hearing more about its advoacy and watchdog activities in the weeks ahead at Elkton town meetings.

    By-way-of this post, I’m asking Minuteman to let you know how to get in contact with him. Meanwhile, Keep reading “someone noticed” for updates and I’ll post new informaiton as it becomes available.

    I’m thinking about broadening the focus of the blog to cover more of the issues that come out of town meetings. Since there’s not a lot of coverage on many of these issues, the focus would be to publish things that are in the public interest and not covered by legacy media.

    That way if I report, the readers can decide.


  8. Andy, Gearoge Washington,
    ETHICS would welcome you as members. If you send your contact information in a private e-mail to the blog manager, I will see that ETHICS contacts you. Your information will be kept conficential.

  9. Hi Mike,

    Adrian Lewis – al104 Elk

    I think others will be interested as well.

  10. Minuteman:

    Andy and George Washington have emailed me privatley with their emails and I’ll forward them to you since they’re interested in getting involved with your group.

    Thanks for supporting Open Space in Elkton.

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