New Letter to Editor Opposes Sale of Property

Dear Editor,

I am deeply concerned about the proposed land swap deal involving 20 acres of the Historic Elk Landing Foundation (HELF) property. The land is critical to HELF’s mission and should not be sacraficed for any reason. The parcel was purchased for public park use under Poject Open Space, a program of the Maryland Department of Natural Resources(DNR). Some of the acerage lies within the boundaries of the Chesapeake Bay Critical Area. To consider selling this land  to a developer in return for for an unspecified price, then swap the land for the RMR property, an EPA designated “Brownfields” site, is unconscionable and unehtical. The two properties are nowhere equal in value environmentally or culturally.

 The historical value of the HELF property has been further enhanced by the passage on July 10, 2008 of H.R. 1286, a bill that would add the Wahington-Rouchambeau Revolutionary Route (W3R) to the National Trail System administered by National Park Service (NPS).  An identical bill, S.686 awaits action in theU.S. Senate. If the senate legislation becomes law, the 600 mile Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route would be added the country’s National Trail System. Elk Landing is a key point on the W3R. American and French troops passed through Elkton on the way south to fight the battlle of Yorktown. DNR  should hold a public hearing to investigate the questionable use of POS funds.

  Concerned citizens, please contact the mayor and town commissioners and tell them to opose sale of  HELF property.

Jon Carpenter, Fair Hill


One response to “New Letter to Editor Opposes Sale of Property

  1. Thanks for writing a letter to the Whig and for stating this issue so well. At a minimum, the town was going to hire a developer to oversee this process if someone hadn’t noticed. I do think it would’ve been halted by the due diligence of state officials, just as happend when Port Deposit considered selling public land. It was all very quiet until the blog went up and it was hard to get information on the town’s policy on this since they weren’t letting the public know about the process. Thanks

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