272 Visitors Read About Towns Attempt to Sell Park Land to Developer Today

We set a record for “someone noticed” today when 272 unique visitors surfered over to the web pages to get the 411 on the Mayor and Commissionesr of Elkton.  Thanks for stopping by to get information on the town’s proposal to sell 20 acres of Maryland’s Public Open Space and for spreading the news about the site.

“Someone Noticed” was launched on August 10 so word could be spread about the town’s attempt.  Although the Mayor and Commissioners had been working on making that transaction come about since at least March when rumors began to spread, the story had not appeared in local media.  We thus turned to the blogosphere in order to have a medium for distirbuting information.

This format called citizen journalism by some is doing what had to be done to make this issue widely known.  Otherwise it would’ve all been quietly done, but people are now begining to speak up on the issue and Commissioner Storke has been opposed to it from the moment the Mayor announced the transaction.

Though it was just launched, we were average 20 to 30 visits in a 24-hour period until today when the numbers went off the chart.  We’re pleased with those visits, since it means that the word is spreading as visitors click on the site.


One response to “272 Visitors Read About Towns Attempt to Sell Park Land to Developer Today

  1. George a resident of Elkton

    This homepage is helpful. Keep it. We need someway to know what they’re doing at city hall. What else are they doing that we don’t know about.

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