Commissioner Storke Asks Mayor Why Agenda was Changed at Last Minute

When Mayor Fisona gaveled the town meeting to order on July 2 all the elected officials were present except Commissioner Jablonski. The agenda earlier that day indicated the board was going to vote on approving a contract for hiring a consultant to handle the process of selling the land deals associated with Elk Landing.

But when the meeting started at 7:00 p.m. the item was no longer listed. Commissioner Storke questioned its removal “from the agenda shortly before the meeting.” He also expressed concerned that citizens who came to the meeting because of interest in this matter were unaware that the item had been pulled. The Mayor reversed course and told the town administrator to bring the item up for approval as had been planned, as the discussion went on.

When the town administrator asked for the board’s direction, Commissioner Storke said he was concerned about the deal. He also questioned the impact of “placing a retail building in front of the Elk Landing property.” Commissioner Piner expressed his support for the agreement to sell the property and asked that the matter be held over until the workshop on July 9.

Someone Noticed will get audio of this discussion up on the blog soon, since it’s much more effective to hear the commissioner’s own words. Meanwhile click here if you want to read the minutes.

It is frustrating to try to offer productive comments on important matters of public policy sufficiently early in the process so public and stakeholder input can be considered in an informed decision making process. Someone Notices thanks Commissioner Storke for once again taking a stand on yet another issue of public importance. We looked at the agenda item a few moments ago to coordinate this summary with what the town minutes show, and there was yet another change after the meeting started in that it now shows that the discussion was on the agenda for 7:00 p.m. on July 2.

We ask the town to set a policy that gives sufficient notice to the public to allow input. It can only help build community support of town policies and facilitate informed decision making.


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