What Did the Town Board Propose for Public Open Space?

It is challenging to produce insightful information on the Mayor and Commissioners proposal to sell a part of the Elk Landing tract funded by the Maryland Open Space Program.   “Someone Noticed” has mined the data by attending town meetings, studying municipal recordings of public sessions, and filing Freedom of Information Act requests for emails, contracts, correspondence and other documents with a variety of agencies.  Some sessions took place in closed sessions so discussions there are not found in the public record.

Some officials have said that there was never an attempt to sell a parcel on Landing Lane.   When the mayor was recently asked, he said, “why would we sell it; who would we sell it to . . . !”  To say the least, there’s a great deal of confusion and someone noticed is asking the town to make a public statement clarifying what it is trying to do.  A public statement would be helpful for everyone and we would be happy to post it as an entry here, just as written, for the public to review.  An informed public is a good thing. 

Meanwhile, here’s a letter Mayor Fisona sent to the Maryland Department of Natural Resources concerning the conversion of the public land.  The state requires that lands that are being removed from the public inventory be replaced with property of an equal or higher value and they call this process a conversion.

Why would they sell it, that’s a good question for the mayor or someone in the administration to answer.




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