Confusion, Confusion, Confusion: What is the Town Doing? Does Anyone Know?

Confusion, confusion, confusion, that’s about the best way to summarize the town board’s present attempt to sell Elk Landing property and buy the RMR property.

Someone Noticed has been asking the Mayor and Commissioners to make a public statement on its policy in reference to these property transactions since it became perfectly clear what they were trying to do during meetings in the spring.  The town board was on the edge of signing a contract for this purpose, until Commissioner Storke strongly objected, which delayed the process.  During one straw vote Commissioners Piner and Jablonski, along with Mayor Fisona supported selling the property.  Commissioner Givens was undecided and Commissioner Storke voted against it.

We’ve attended most of the public meetings to offer constructive comments on the value of this Maryland Public Open Space and to also ask the town to make a public statement.  A statement has never been made, though we’ve also exchanged emails with the Mayor on this subject several times.

Mayor Fisona, since you proposed this concept, please let the public know what you’re doing.  An informed electorate is really a good thing, Mr. Mayor.  Are there still closed meetings going on about this like there were a few months ago?  Have you decided not to move ahead with the project because your discovered at the last second tht the RMR property was on a Brownfield list?  (The issue of contamination surprised the town board, but it didn’t affect the straw vote.  Three commissioners were okay with the process, one was against, and one was undecided.)  Have you decided to forget the entire thing and protect the open space you once said was valuable and consistent with the town’s comprehensive plan a few years ago, but changed your mind about those statments when a developer showed up.

An informed public is always a good thing and leads to better government and community support for moving a community forward. 

We once again ask the Mayor to let us know what he plans to do with this property since he was the once to kick off the proposal.


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