Mayor Fisona Receives Yet Another Message from Citizen Urging Him to Protect Public Land

Dear Mayor,


I am writing to register my objection to the sale of part of the property at the end of Landing Lane, in Elkton, MD aka Historic Elk Landing.  To do so would promulgate a travesty of the worst order.  This property played a huge role in the formation of the the fledgling USA.  It’s sod was trod  by the legendary Founding Fathers who fought and defeated the largest standing Army in the world in order to establish a life of freedom and liberty for themselves and their posterity. Which freedom and liberty we all bask in to this very day..


Members of today’s generation and generations to come must not lose sight of what it took to create the wonderful lifestyle we all enjoy.  To do so requires that we preserve and honor our historic venues in order to learn from the past to preserve the future.


People need to come to Elk Landing and hear the story of the Hollingsworth’s and their shipping business and their enormous contribution to the country and to the creation of Elkton itself.




Adrian Lewis


One response to “Mayor Fisona Receives Yet Another Message from Citizen Urging Him to Protect Public Land

  1. Adrian:

    Thanks so much for taking the time to correspond with the mayor about your concerns with protecting Elk Landing. In a converation yesterday he told me that I was the only person he was hearing from on this issue. My response was that we must be traveling in different circles. I’m hearing about it in the coffee shops, on the street about everywhere, but I’m not traveling with developers.

    Keep up this important advocacy of this property.


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