Our Most Read Posting, “Mayor Dismisses Planning Commission Chairman . . .”

In addition to the statistical summaries we get that let us know about how much traffic we’re generating on the Net, we’re also able to determine which postings are of the most interest to our readers.  Since it went up the piece on the “Mayor Dismisses Planning Commission Chairman . . . ” is the most frequenlty visited posting each day.  If you missed it click here to read the full story.

While we only reported what we observed in the town meeting on Someone Noticed, we suspect there’s a larger story to the attempt to dismiss the planning commission chairman.  Thus we may follow up on that and see if we can get some audio interviews on the subject for visitors to the site.  I think it’s an important story, for surely there’s more underlying information to that unpopular attempt by Mayor Fisona, and it was not covered by any other media in Cecil County.

The night the subject came up the town meeting room was packed, which is unusual for Elkton meetings.  After Commissioner Storke addressed the issue, he also apologized to Chairman Wiseman and thanked him for his effective service to the town, the room erupted with applause.  The Mayor, at some point in this remarkable process, reversed his decision and decided to submit the chairmans name for renomination.  The board then unanimously approved the decision.

Keep the clicks some.  We’ll try to report so you can decide.


One response to “Our Most Read Posting, “Mayor Dismisses Planning Commission Chairman . . .”

  1. George, an Elkton voter

    I heard Fisona made other changes on the planning commission and several of the councilpeople approved those. Did Storke vote against it? Why don’t you look into that. I haven’t seen anything in the whig about it? Have you. Someone should tell people about it. Getting moving. Otherwise we wont know what happened at town hall.

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