In Their Owns Words: Why the Reversal on the Planning Commission Appointment?

On August 24 we reported that the town board reappointed the longterm chairman of the Planning Commission, David Wiseman, to the planning board. But when he called for the vote, Commissioner Storke asked Mayor Fisona why he sent a letter dismissing the chairman but then reversed himself at the last minute.

In the comments at that meeting we also heard that the Mayor has removed two other long-standing members of the planning commission.  This, it was said, is a critical time since the municiplaity is in the process of updating its comprehensive plan.

There is surely a story here of interest to readers of Someone Noticed and we’re going to continue following up to see if we can get a full length piece together on what the town’s plan is in making changes to this important commission.

As we work on this a portion of the audio of the Aug 6 town board meeting will provide insight to readers.  Commissioner Storke is the elected official questioning the mayor about why he removed Chairman Wiseman.  Another issue that has been raised at several Elkton town meetings is a significant overage in expenditures for web sites and computers and that issue gets mixed into this one.  The Whig has provided good coverage of the computer issue, so we have not addressed it on Someone Noticed.  But the discussion is comingled and rather than try to edit it out, we’re providing the recording as it occurred.

Click here for the audio of Mayor reappointing planning commission chairman



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