Important Subjects on Town Meeting Agenda Sept. 3

Someone Noticed has received many calls since we launched a site that focuses on the “411 of the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton,” by reporting in a straightforward way things the Fisona Administration are doing.  These calls are encouraging us to broaden the reporting since so much that happens at town meetings is not available to a larger part of the community.  In addition, callers are identifying specific issues that haven’t been covered very well, if at all, and they are asking us to report on them.  We may announce a policy change that broaden’s our focus shortly, but stay tuned for that.  The light of day on governmental activities is only a good thing.  Surely Mayor Fisona and the politcal leadership agree.

Meanwhile, we’ve had several calls indicating that an important question will before the board on Sept. 3.  The community in the area of Frenchtown road is concerned about decisions the town may make that evening and they are on the agenda to address it.  We’ll see if we can get some more details, but it appears that yet another public, critical policy decision will be before the town board.  I understand they’re going to have a large turnout, but you too may want to attend.  It helps keep a balance in the informed decision making process.

We’ll see if we can get you some audio and/or video of the meeting.


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