Please Mr. Mayor . . .

Please Mr. Mayor, let the citizens know what you’re doing with land transactions in the town. Open communications, rather than closed door executive sessions, are a good thing. Why not have the town issue a statement telling the public what it’s trying to do with this and advise the public on your plans for moving forward.

In an earlier exchange, you said there is “no town policy” and that we would have to ask the entire board. On the point about the town policy we agree, there is no town policy! As a recent observer of the town commissioners, I agree on that point, emphatically. And that observation doesn’t just apply to the Elk Landing deal. On your point about asking the town board, we’ve done that twice and we’ll keep doing that until we figure our what your administration wants to do. That information has not been forthcoming Mr. Mayor.

Mayor you said you have “far more important things on your plate,” than the sell of Maryland’s Public Open Space. Then why was it on your plate in the first place. People were really surprised when they heard this.

Please Mr. Mayor


2 responses to “Please Mr. Mayor . . .

  1. George, an Elkton voter

    souns like please Mr. Custer I dont wants to go. puat some music to it will you

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