Don’t Do It Town Administrator Says!

Don’t do It! Don’t Buy a Brownfield Town Administrator Says to Mayor and Commissioners

A Freedom of Information ACT (FOIA) request for email and correspondence related to plans to sell part of Elk Landing and acquire a site identified in Google searches as a Brownfield, uncovered an important town  memo.  

On July 17, 2008, Lewis George wrote to the commissioners advising them that it was his “duty as the town’s admnistrator to recommend that the . . . property at 655 North Bridge Street not be acquired by the town for the purpose of developing a recreational facility or as an adjunct thereto for adjacent property.”

We’ve scanned this memo obtained in doing due diligence on this property for readers to see.

We still don’t know what the Fisona administration’s policy is on this.  Since his professional staff recommended over a month ago, that the town not persue this venture, are they still continuing with it?  If they aren’t why can’t the town make a statement on that or if they are why can’t they advise the public on that too?  What’s wrong with sharing information with constituents, rather than making them mine for the discoverables with FOIA requests.

Please say something Mr. Mayor.




3 responses to “Don’t Do It Town Administrator Says!

  1. This is amazing! The town Adminstrator went on record to oppose the detestably dubious deal. Mr. George’s logic is sound. The RMR property is much better suited for use an industrial than for any recreational purpose. Was a park part of the “Singerly Commons” proposal; that Mr. George mentioned in his letter or was the town planning swap land with this developer too! There must a a feral cat problem inElkton. Apparently one the felines has got a hold of the mayor’s tounge.

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