So Many Questions, So Few Answers

Since the Mayor and Commissioners proposed selling part of Elk Landing, a tract that was acquired with the Maryland Public Open Space funding, we’ve heard many questions about the attempt of the town’s political leadership.  (The Mayor says we’re the only one he’s hearing from on this!)  Unfortunately we are not able to answer them.

The policy of the commissioners is unclear and the board has not released a public information statements clarifying what they’re trying to do.  (The mayor has said there is no policy and we certainly don’t disagree with that!)  We’ve been there when they’ve closed the meetings to conduct business on this matter behind closed doors.  Whatever data we’ve mined from municipal records was given the light of public attention by attending the few public meetings where they’ve discussed this; filing Freedom of Information Act requests; and listening to all the rumors around town.  It certainly didn’t come from any attempt by the commissioners to let the public know what they’re doing.

So many Questions, so Fews Answers Mayor and Commissioners.  In the interest of putting the public business before the community, why not simply make a statement clarifying the core details.

Please Mr. Mayor. . . Say something to the public.  We’ll be happy to post a press release from the Mayor and Commissioners here exactly as its released.


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