Coming to a computer monitor near you soon, E-Span!

We’re in the process of launching a few new features to make Someone Noticed more visitor friendly.  Largley we’re doing this because we’re gettiing so much content on this issue, folks surfing over need a way to manuver around the load of posted information.  I’ll list what we have now but look for more in the weeks ahead as we broaden the focus on this Elkton blog news site.

  1. In Their Own Words — There’s nothing like audio of remarks the commissioners make at meetings to help citizens understand what’s going on.  Thus we’ve started grabbing outtakes of the board when it’s discussing important issues so you may hear their words.  Look for a little microphone to indicate postings with audio.  Also if you look under categories, you will find two tags (audio and in their own words).  Either one will take you to postings with sound.
  2. From Other Sources — Here we’re posting news clippings from other media that we’re finding on the web since it may be of interest to readers of this blog.

 In the near future watch for additional announcements about the scope of the blog, and we should have someting soon about E-Span.  We strongly suggest the Mayor and Commissioners start streaming their meetings on the net so more citizens can observe the town’s political leadership in action.  More involved, open government, with additional citizen input is simply a good thing.  I hope we all agree.  Meanwhile Someone Noticed will try to help out by bringing E-span (short video outtakes) to a computer monitor near you soon.


2 responses to “Coming to a computer monitor near you soon, E-Span!

  1. I fully suport the concept of E-Span. The Internet is a wonderful vehicle for allowing citizens to view what is happening in the governmental bodies composed of officials they elected. Webcasting town meetings may encourage more citizens to partake of, and in, the political process. Open government is good government. Transparency in government is an ornament to society. Opaqueness is a curse. Sunshine is the best disinfectant.

  2. Minuteman, we’re always plesaed to see your observant, insightful and witty postings here. Thanks for the feedback on E-Span, coming to a computer monitoring near you soon.

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