What’s Up With The Planning Commission Changes?

We’ve been reading. . . . The minutes that is.

What’s going on with the unusual numbers of changes with the planning commission, in such a short time? As we reported previously, the mayor sent a letter to the chairman, David Wiseman, telling him, he was replaced, but backed down under pressure.  But while I’ve been reading, I notice the loss of a three other seasoned members of that important board over the past few months.  That’s a large portion of an important commission.  For example, I noticed in on March 5, 2008,  two new individuals were appointed to the board.  When the vote was called all present voted for it, except for Commissioner Storke.  That’s an outcome I’ve come to anticipate on any controversial vote.  In this case Commissioner Storke said he wasn’t against the new individuals going on, but was worried about the loss of so much experience from the planning commission.  That seems like a reasonable concern to us.
What’s up with that.  Is this caused by a shift in policy or something?  Did some of them take unpopular stands with the Mayor and/or Commissioners as it concerns an issue before the planning commission?  Perhaps some of them simply decided to retire servicing the community for a period?  So many questions and so few answers.  Perhaps the town could let us know what their policy is on this and why they’re having so many changes.

We’re going to see if we can get more insight on this from you on this.But it would be better in the town were proactive on matters of public concern and release information.


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