As the Sun Begins to Shine on Elkton

What happened after the midnight hour rolled over Cecil County?  We’re not sure, but something was was going on.

When we checked our visitor hits this morning, as the sun began illuminating Elkton, we had a real surprise. From 12:00 p.m., to  7:00 a.m. Someone Noticed had 43 unique visitors during the night.  Obviously someone noticed something of interest to generate that traffic in those early hours. 

We’re very pleased with the number of visitors we’re getting to the site so as a beautiful morning settles on Cecil, bringing bright late summer sunshine, we’ll have to see how we many hits we get on the site for the reminder of the day.  Could we set a record for visitors as news about the blog spreads by word-of-mouth?

Don’t forget Elkton’s town meeting tonight.  See the earlier post or surf over to the town website.  There are topics on the agenda of great public interest.  Hopefully someday they’ll just broadcast those on the cable system or streaming them on the net.  They should have the technology after purchasing that expensive computer system.


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