Commissioner Givens Says Board Should Get it Together

Someone Noticed thanks Commissioner Givens for strongly suggesting that the elected officials get on the same page with their undertakings.  His words, which we’ve heard from at meetings before, were right on target as the board attempts to manage the people’s business.  On many of important new votes at these meetings, the board seems to divide into two camps with commissioners Storke and Givens often being out of the information loop, from what we can see.  We’ve noted this before, and last night Commissioner Jablonski introduced points into the record about things she was advocating, several times.  Commissioner Givens had to ask why other members of the board didn’t know that.  That norm for the town board carries over to issues beyond Maryland’s Public Open Space.  We’ll get up audio of his comments for in the in their own words section.  That way you can listen and decide.

Back to our subject at hand, the protection of open space in Elkton, if it is the policy of the town to sell it, the board should make sure all the commissioners have the same facts and insights so informed decisions can be made.  It’s simply good government.

We thank commissioners Givens and Storke for at least presenting additional views for the board to consider on a number of public policy subjects, not just the sell of part of Elk Landing’s property.


One response to “Commissioner Givens Says Board Should Get it Together

  1. Where is Mayor Fisona on these matters? I know there’s no backbone to speak of, but he needs to at least use the thing he puts a shoe on — and put his foot down when it comes to discussions outside of public view.

    He can rest asured that with Someone Noticed on the case, any appropriate complaints to the Maryland Attorney General’s office will include all of the elected officials — especially if he knows 2 or more commissioners are meeting to discuss public business on a regular basis and doesn’t address it.

    He better start to cover his backside.

    For your info, there’s more details on the Maryland Open Meetings Act at:

    And, that’s probably not all I have to say on the subject.


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