Live from the Town Meeting: Commissioner Jablonski Says We’re Not Trying to Sell the Elk Landing Building

Commissioner Jablonski just said she’s hearing rumors around town about the deal involving Elk Landing.  For one thing, she was hearing from constituents that they were trying to sell the Elk Landing buildilng. That’s a new one on us for what we’d heard is that they were trying to sell part of the tract of land.  She also heard that they were trying to build a Target Store down there.  She said that it was a commercial property, not necessarily a Target.  We’re sure that at one of the town’s public meetings it was reported that it was a target but considering the confusion the commissioners have on this issue, we’ll go back and listen to the audio.  Once we get it, we’ll do a post on “in their own words,” so you too may hear it.  

In summary she said there are too many rumors out there.  We did talk to a developer and do a few things, but after the holidays I propose we get back to this subject, Commissioner Jablonski noted in her comments.

I guess it’s not over until its over, despite the town adminsitrator saying don’t do it.  The town board, despite many repeated requests, simply won’t make a statement to let the people know what they’re doing.  That would end the confusion. If Commissioner Jablonski’s concerned about the rumors, she and other members of the board could bring that problem quickly to a close.

This is way beyond us as an exchanges at the meeting showed tonight.  Even if they’re still persuing it, let the people know what you’re dong.


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