Live From the Town Meeting: Commissioner Storke Motions to Permanently Table Rec Center

The new recreation center the town wants to build on the RMR property is at the center of the controversy over selling a part of Elk Landing.  It appears that the plan is to sell property tracts along Landing Lane to finance the acquisition of the RMR property and pay for the recreation center.  Keep in mind that we’re speculating on this to some degree since the Mayor and Commmissioners haven’t made a statement on what they’re trying to do.  What we know is from attending meetings to monitor their discussions, filing Freedom of Information Acts, rumors we too hear around town, and information from other stakeholders in this matter.

When it came time for reports of elected officials Commissioner Jablonski brought up the entire matter again.  She said she was hearing rumors that the board was selling the building(s) at Elk Landing.  That’s a new one for us, but we do know that they are trying to sell off part of the land they acquired under Maryland Public Open Space.

Commissioner Jablonski’s comment opened up the entire discussion again, one that we hoped was being put to rest.  We guess not now since it was decided to hold this discussion over to the town workshop when the public is not allowed to comment.  Oh well so it goes at town meetings.  At one point Mayor Fisona seemed to be trying to get the board to forget the entire idea, but we’re going to have to listen to the audio to report correctly on that.  As Commissioner Piner and Commissioner Jablonski spoke in favor of a recreation center, a good deal of confusing reigned  concerning what the town is trying to do.   All one has to do is listen to what they say at their meetings to figure out how much everyone of the board members knows about this because they all usually have different interpretations of what was said, done or promised.  We sat in one meeting where Commissioner Storke asked what was promised Elk Landing to get them to give up a part of its property.  Mayor Fisona said nothing was promised to them, but Commissioner Jablonski said we promised them $150,000.  So what was it?  Why not tell the people?  There are plenty of other examples, we could cite.

As Commissioner Storke listened to the absolute confusion concerning what the town is trying or not trying to do (it can give you a headache), he made a motion to table the entire thing permanently.  It died for lack of a second.


2 responses to “Live From the Town Meeting: Commissioner Storke Motions to Permanently Table Rec Center

  1. Here’s the pefect thing to describe the town commissioners

  2. Henry Hollingsworth

    So, Mayor Joe is running for cover and Councilperson Jo is just running. That’s always good news in government when officials are bothered by what the people say. Let’s hear it for democracy!!! Hozaa! Hozaa! By the way, where ya goin’ Joe? When ya gonna give up on this land deal? Take the advice of your town administrator. It’s a looser, Joe. Don’t you be one too. And Jo, what’s up with this rumor about selling the Elk Landing buildings? Tryin’ to deflect the discussion? Say it ain’t so… Jo. The public isn’t buyin’ it. We’re on to ya. What’s in it for you… Jo? Tryin’ to sell off my land to some developer. Shame. For SHAME!

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