Much Ado About Something Last Night (No longer live at the town meeting)

Indeed there was much ado about something last night at the Elkton Town Hall.  

In fact therer were so many newsworthy thing that it is gong to take us a few days to blog about all of them, as we stive to get the facts straight.   We’ll cover more of it over the next few days, for these meetings sure give us plenty to write about in a straight-forward, professional manner.  Just report what they do and say for that’s all one needs to do. 

We’ll also get out one of our signature pieces, in their own words, audio outtakes of the meetings, as quickly as possible.  There is no better way for voters to understand what happens there, except to produce audio and video clips.

And we thought it was going to be a slow week for Someone Noticed as we came out of the holiday weekend.  Well that’s not the case for Commissioner Jablonski really kicked up the issue we’re presently interested in and several others.  Ours, as our purpose notes, is the protection of Maryland Public Open Space in the town’s inventory.


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