What’s Up with the Hits on the Site Today? Someone’s been busy spreading the word

Since the overnight hours, as we noted near the break of dawn, Someone Noticed has been getting an usually larg number of hits.  That’s a good thing since the challenge in using a blog for public advocacy is to get news out about the site so people can surf over.  We knew news would spread by word-of-mouth, emails, electronic bulletin boards and what have and we saw the results of that method beginning about two weeks ago.  But too’s hit are simply remarkable. 

We’re very pleased with that since all we want to do is put sunshine on this action of local government, which by all appearances, was designed to be done quietly without a lot of public input.  Perhaps we’re wrong on that last assertion, but based on the number of Freedom of Information Act requests we’ve had to file, the number of closed doors sessions we’ve been unable to attend, and still the lack of public announcemen on the issue, that’s about the only conclusion we can come up with.

Keep spreading the word and thanks to all who have facilitated the spreading news, especially whomever is helping out today.

Whatever’s driving the traffic today, we apprecaite the visits, since the word is out.  So to all those surfing over to get the “411” on this thanks for stopping by and to whomever is facilitating today’s visitations thanks so much


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