So Much News – If Someone Reports

We’ve had lots of positive feedback about this new way of keeping a wider audience informed of things, and we’re receiving lots of encouragement to broaden the scope of our coverage.  We think that idea is a worthwhile venture for the public.  While we consider it, please feel free to let us know what you think.  From what we can see, there are so many important issues at town meetings that are never covered.  Our goal would be to cover the issues that haven’t received broader media attention through other venues and cover it in as straight-forward, factual way as possible.

At the meeting last night, there were so many issues before the board.  The big one concerned the wells that are proposed near Frenchtown Road.  Since it was such a large part of the meeting, we hope the Cecil Whig  will cover that Wednesday evening discussion in its Friday edition.  Then there was discussion about a new contractor to service the town’s computer systems and its web site.  A split vote occurred when a decision was made to waive fees for the county.  In that lively vote and discussion, Commissioners Storke and Givens opposed waving the fees, while the other three voted to forgive the costs to the county.  We’ll see if the Whigcovers that in the day’s ahead, but if not that’s a topic worthy of coverage in the blogosphere. 

An interesting one was when a citizen commented about the decline in downtown Elkton, once the courthouse move to the Delaware State Line.  That one, too, would be worthy of coverage since the only place it received attention was in the Rising Sun Herald.  Lisa Tome, editor of the weekly Rising Sun based newspaper, did an excellent job of covering the impact of that loss to downtown Elkton.  It could use some coverage.

There were a number of other matters of public important before the board, but this gives you an idea.

So much news.


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