In Their Own Words: Commissioner Jablonski Comments

The audio click below contains Commissioner Jablonski’s comments about the discussion at hand.  We’ll let her present it in her own words so you’ll be able to hear her position directly.  Other commissioners speak up in part of this audio, so you will hear other voices. 

 Commissioner Jablonski’s Remarks


4 responses to “In Their Own Words: Commissioner Jablonski Comments

  1. Wow! I completely appreciated the audio of this meeting. However, you should ask Mayor Joe to finish chewing before he speaks. It was very difficult to understand anything he was saying while Commissioners Storke and Jablonski were very easy to understand.

    Were the other commissioners in attendance? Didn’t hear a word out of them, did we?

  2. I’m glad that the Commissioners Jablonski, Commissioner Piner, Mayor Fisona would like to continue looking into a possible rec center in Elkton. I was at one of the meetings that they discussed the plans and think we really do need something for our children.

  3. Betsy Ross:

    Thanks so much for posting your comments on the blog. We’re very glad to have various opinons here on imporant subject like this. In fact, we think we’re going to expand the blog to cover other issues related to the town that aren’t covered in the newspaper. We’ll focus on areas the Whig doesn’t cover since there are so many things happening with the Mayor and Commissioners and the public is not aware of it.

    As for the recreation center for the youth, we believe the community could use one. All we’re saying in our editorials here is please don’t take Maryland Open Space and turn it over the a commerical developer to build it somewhere else.

    At one point, the town board was going to build it at Elk Landing. That seemed like a perfect cost effective idea. The town already owned the land so it wouldn’t have to sell open space that it once said was so valuable.

    Additionally, when we heard the arguments about it not be the right location, we couldn’t help but wonder about the logic of that. It would’ve been located very near communities that could use those public facilities. Additionally those communities, such as Hollingsworth Manor, are full of young people in need of recreational outlets. The argument that it was near a bar, a sewer plant and Route 40 was answered best by Commissioenr Storke at a town meeting when he said he didn’t get it. The old location wasn’t good because of the bar and the sewer plant, but the new location, RMR, was a brownfield and had a package store next door. How could that be better, Commissioner Storke wondered.

    Anyway, thanks for posting and feel free to surf over frequently

  4. I agree, the Whig certainly does not cover enough of what is going on in the Town. From what I understand, one of the Commissioners did not believe that the location near the sewer plant, liquor store, bar and Rt. 40 was not ideal for children. Not to mention the Cecil County Detention Center is also in close proximity, which I think was the biggest cause for concern.

    The Town does own the property at Elk Landing already but it would not be as cost effective to build a facility straight from tax payers money when Rt. 40 property could be sold, essentially giving the town money to fund a portion of the rec center.

    If the Mayor & Commissioners chose to purchase the RMR property there is a package store next door, but it would also be within walking distance of Elkton High School, Elkton Middle School, Gilpin Manor Elementary School, and the Cecil County Public Library. The RMR property is also more centrally located with in Elkton, making it more accessible to all of the Elkton Community instead on just one major subdivision which would out weigh the negative. As far as I know, the RMR property was only a suggestion used to draw up the proposal to get the ball rolling.

    I do appreciate your site and am glad that various opinions are able to be shared. Keep up the good work!

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