Let the Rumors Rest: Say Something Officials

Last night Commissioner Jablonski brought up the Elk Landing/recreation center issue.  All the rumors zipping around town, was one concerns in her report.  On that we agree, for there are many.  Some of the major comments on rumor-related remarks from her and other officials included the following:

We’re trying to piece together what’s happening through filing Freedom of Information Act Requests, closely observing public meetings, checking with other stakeholders and state agencies, and wondering what’s going on in the closed door meetings they’ve held on property.  But since there’s no official statement to alleviate the rumors, we’ll provide you with what we understand on it, based data mining that we’re able to do. 

  • They are trying to sell the building(s) at Elk Landing.  Someone Noticed does not believe that one.  We’ve not heard that, but Commissioner Jablonski apparently has.
  • The mayor says he’s hearing from no one but us.  That we don’t believe for we’re hearing lots of talk around town.  Additionally Commissioner Jablonski seems to be hearing even more than we are.  We’re not sure what circles the mayor travels in since he’s not hearing from people or apparently hearing all the rumors that Commissioner Jablonski is hearing.
  • It’s going to be a Target Store.  That one we’ve heard a lot from a wide range of sources.  Our sources, we believe include the public meetings at town hall, but we’ll go back and check the video archive to see about that soon.  Anyway Commissioner Jablonski says it is just a proposal for a commercial development of some sort that will affect part of Maryland’s Public Open Space.
  • It’s 20 acres of Public Open Space.  That one we’ve heard a lot, but that too was challenged last night.  Well what is it then?  Is it more or less or something else?

All of this confusion just goes to make the point, please tell the people what you’re trying to do with this project.  Open sharing of information is simply good government, isn’t it? 

Do the taxpayers have to depend on rumors and talk downtown?  We’re trying to report it as best we can figure it out on this blog.


3 responses to “Let the Rumors Rest: Say Something Officials

  1. Governments should realize that rumors are a result of a lack of official communication to the public. The more disclosure, the openness, the less “grease” for running the rumor mill.

  2. “Communication”? What’s that? It’s the friend of the public and the enemy of government. Let the sunshine in, commissioners. Let a thousand flowers bloom! Tell us what’s going on. Stop tip toeing through the tulips and tell us the facts. Are you going to sell those 20 acres of Open Space Elk Landing land? Are you going to build a strip mall in front of one of the most historic pieces of property in northeast Maryland? Are you going to sell the buildings next? Rumors, rumors everywhere.

  3. I have it on good authority that the current Mayor of Elkton has been taught well by his predecessor. Harken back 15 years ago and you may recall someone who was surrounded by controversy – when a Police Chief was asked to resign… and other topics….

    If only someone could get through to them and make them realize that the “power” they have is very limited and they need to stand up for what’s right for the citizens. And, if they don’t, the voters can make a difference. Vote them out each time you get a chance. Sooner or later, it’ll sink in.

    That’s all I have to say on the topic.


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