The Hits Keep on Coming – Climbed Over 33% Today

Thanks for surfing over to read Someone Noticed.  Today was our all time record for visitors since traffic increased by over 33% Thursday.  Recall that we were noticed by WordPress not too long ago as one of the fastest growing sites in the blogosphere.  We may get that recognition again if the hits keep on coming.

No doubt the discussion at the town meeting helped last night.  But, Commissioner Jablonski isn’t the only one hearing rumors around town.  We too hear them and try to sort out facts from stories.  I suspect some of that talk in certain circles, which we’re hearing about, is helping with the hits.  Thanks to those circles for spreading the news.

Whatever the case, we’re trying to post the facts as we focus on this matter and leverage resources to obtain whatever insight we can.

We’re also getting a large number of comments from visitors and that too is appreciated.  We have over 50 of those on the blog.  Posts and remarks are welcome.  Just keep it clean.  A little humor is fine, but don’t go too far.  It’s always appreciated, too, when someone adds their real name to a comment, since that has far more impact than a pen name.

In particular, we’d welcome any town official to post here to help stop rumors that had the attention of the town board Wednesday evening.  The thing that would largely stop the rumors is an official statement.

Keep spreading the word.  Blogs are an effective way to do public advocacy, especially when other means of spreading the word aren’t available.


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