Our Purpose: Advoacy for a Maryland Public Open Space

Some new visitors to the blog have asked us what this site is all about.  Well it was launched on Aug. 10 to spread news about the town’s attempt to sell part of a Maryland Open Space tract of land, Elk Landing.  Few people at the time knew about the town’s attempt, though there had been rumors in a few circles since very early in 2008.  It has been reported at board meetings that the idea originated at the Elkton Alliance.

By the spring, the town was holding closed door meetings as they were on the very edge of signing a contract to hire a consultant to faciliate that process.  Since only a few people in the inner cirlces of certain associations knew about it and it wasn’t getting coverage in the Cecil Whig, we turned to a blog as an alternative means to spread facts as best we can obtain them.

The blogs purpose, as stated on the day it was launched, is to preserve a valuable piece of historic land.  We are not opposed to a recreation center and have not taken a position on that proposal.  Our purpose is to protect this valuable open space in the Town of Elkton, once that was acquired through funding by the Department of Natural Resources Pubic Open Space Program.


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