We Had hoped; We Had Hoped

We actually had some hope that the threat to the Elk Landing tract was going to quietly go away, until last night.  Although the commissioners have never said what they’re attempting to do or explained their actions to the public, some were telling people not to worry about it, since nothing was going to happen.  We were also told by a reporter for the local paper that she’d been informed that it was over, nothing was going to happen. 

When the town meeting got underway last night, we planned to simply monitor it.  The reason we weren’t going to make comments was that the room was packed with people concerned about development matters in the Frenchtown Road area.  Naturally many of those residents made comments, making for a long evening on this important issue.

When it came time for the reports of elected officials, Commissioner Jablosnki, to our surprise, brought up the issue about Elk Landing and the recreation center.  With Commissioner Jablonski making her comments, and confusion then resulting on the part of the town board and what it’s trying to do, we had to respond to her assertions.  We did that to clarify matters and serve as an advocate for the land.  Listen to her in her own words and you’ll see what they said. 

As we get time, we’ll post our words so you too may hear what we said after Commissioner Jablonski made her remarks and what was said to us.  You’ll see our point about the need for the town board to let the people know about this.

We repeatedly say, please please release a statement so we everyone can understand what’s happening.  That’s the way to end the rumors that Commissioner Jablonski noted.

Oh how we had hoped, how we had hoped.  So I guess it’s not over until it’s over despite what some on  the town board say when a reporter comes calling.  So we’ll need to be more vigilant than ever after hearing those comments.  Mayor Fisona suggested at one point, that the town should simply leave Elk Landing out of it.  Commissioner Jablonski did not agree.


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