BRAC and Forth it Goes at Town Meeting

Wednesday evening a citizen made a number of comments about the condition of business in downtown Elkton, connecting that to the Base Realignment Commission (BRAC), the anticipated population growth in the county seat, and Frenchtown Road development.

Commissioner Givens sought to obtain more understanding of those remarks as they related to BRAC during his section of the meeting.  He thus asked Commissioner Jablonski, who is also the Elkton Alliance/Chamber of Commerce Manager for the town, to comment on the citizen’s statement.  It wasn’t too long ago that the board of commissioners increased its annual allocation to the Alliance by $10,000 to help the downtown revitalization agency market the town to relocating BRAC workers.

We thought the talk about BRAC was interesting so we did a little surfing about current developments related to Aberdeen Proving Ground and the realignment.  We’ve come up with a number of recent documents, including a Government Accounting Office (GA0) Report (from Aug), as well as a population impact study by the Sage Group, which was commissioned to determine the impact on jurisdictions in northeasternern Maryland, and some recent newspaper articles.  We believe these sources may add additional insight so we’ll post them later.  

We’ve been informed that there is a special contributor that would like to write a piece on this issue and we welcome the contribution.  

Brac and forth it goes.


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