Nothing Like a Lively Town Meeting to Increase the Hits

There’s nothing like a lively town meeting to provide material for the blogosphere to cover and to increase our hits by over 33% in a 24-hour period.  Yesterday about 430 unique visitors surfed over to get get the “411 on the Mayor and Commissioners of the Town of Elkton.”   We also hear many of the rumors around town concerning the site and we think that’s helping.  Whatever the case, we appreciate folks stopping by to read the “411 on the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton.”  

As for the most read items yesterday:

  • In Their Own Words:  Commissioner Jablonski . . .   That was our most popular hit; the others follow in terms of frequency
  • Let the rumors rest: say something official
  • We Had Hoped; We Had Hoped
  • It’s only $20,000;  that’s not much!
  • Don’t Do It:  Administrator Says
  • Much Ado at the town hall
Thanks for reading someone noticed.  We just want to report what’s being said at town meetings so more people can be aware of matters  Also feel free to post your comments wherever your opinions fall on the subject.  All we ask is that you keep it civil and clean.  A little light humor is fine too, but just don’t go  to far.  (A couple of the regular posters are good at the clean humor style.)
Watch for more breaking news as soon as we get a response on the latest Freedom of Information Act request.

One response to “Nothing Like a Lively Town Meeting to Increase the Hits

  1. I too, attended the town meeting on Wednesday night. from the Cecil Whig Some important topics were covered at the meeting including the drilling of a 12″ in diameter well off Rte 213 to supply a planned subdivision and its possible effects on exising water wells; and the hook up of town water suplply lines to Artesian Water Company pipes. The meeting was well attended by concerned citizens some of whom spoke. I observed a reporter from the Cecil Whig in the audience yet the newspaper has not printed any of the town meeting procedings. This is a shame. Important news is being ignored. I guess this goes to prove the wisdom of the folk tale: A man from Elkton had two sons; one went to sea, the other became a political reporter for the Whig. Neither one was ever heard from again!

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