A Blog Swarm it Was!

We had a swarm on the blog Friday evening as several site visitors jumped on the remarks section with some pointed comments about some officials and other corporations involved with the proposal.  We ask net surfers notice our purpose, which is simply to serve as an advocate for a parcel of open land.  Adhering to some basic blogging etiquette is also something we’re asking for.  It should be kept clean and focused.  While a little humor is fine, don’t go too far.

If you don’t agree that the open space should be preserved that’s fine too for your comments are welcome in the blosophere.  But for purposes of constructive deliberation, we don’t want to see an argument evolve into which organization (the Elkton Alliance or the Elk Landing Foundation) is best for the town.  We also don’t want to see it evolve into attacks on individuals, which isn’t to say we (or you) can’t comment on statements and actions, but please refrain from attacks.  If one of the corporations is involved, focus on its policies through reasoned arguments.  We don’t see attacks as constructive since, as far as we know, it’s not central to the argument about whether public land should be protected. This applies to either side making a case.

Should one of the organizations push for the sale of the land as its institutional policy that’s another story entirely for we will want to put a little sunshine on that information by putting it before the public.   We, for example, have a question about Elk Landing’s approval of this deal.  We’ve heard the commissioners say strikingly different things on that aspect, and we also hear rumors.  Our question concerns the approval at the Foundation, or whatever it did with the proposal.  As a rule historical groups are the most protective of cultural resources such as land and buildings.  While we’ve said little on the Foundation aspect of this most confused and tangled deal, the decision the organizaton made is something we’re working on.  Once we get some facts, we will post that.

We’re working on it.  And we’ll bring some more sunshine to the facts, wherever we can find them.

One final note, everything we post will have our name on it.  Posters should consider using their real names.  It strengthens an argument and creates more validity for your point.


4 responses to “A Blog Swarm it Was!

  1. Howdy Partner. Well shucks, what’s all the fuss I hear about some land in Elkton? Some rutin’ tutin’ rascals tryin’ to shake things up, it seems to me. I say, either let it go or take the money and run. Use my real name? Shoot. This here’s too small a town. Some cattle rustlin’ dudes’ libel to challenge me with his six shooter if I use my real name. So, sorry Mike, but that ain’t a gonna happen old boy. But back to the action. Heck, I have a question about Elk Landing too. I know they got the right to do what they please with their land, but somehow it just don’t seem right to trade it for some shoppin’ center. No sir, it don’t seem right. What’s the Mayor and the head of this here “alliance” got goin’ that they would want to do somethin’ like this? I’m all for rec centers, but on a questionable piece of land that may have some dangerous chemicals still in or on it? I sure as heck wouldn’t want my kids playin’ on that there land. No how; no way. Why not just build the rec center on that there Route 40 land? That was the Mayor’s idea several months ago and a darn good one I might add. Sounds like it would solve lots of problems and settle lots of arguin’. Unless, a course, arguin’ is what it’s all about. Is it? Mikey, thanks for this here opportunity to say my piece. I’m sure lots of others will too. And by the way, my hat’s off to Mrs. Hollingsworth. You sounds like a fine upstanding young lady, if you don’t mind my sayin’ so. Well, I gotta go. The meter’s runnin’ on my new fangled horseless carriage.

  2. I agree w/ Rin Tin Tin! You don’t wanna use your real name on this they might hunt you down! But hey, it’s good that people a keep an eye on THE FIVE STOOGES!

  3. Rin Tin Tin,
    Your use of Old West vernacular and frontier gibberish is doggone conflustercatin’. Your owner should take you for a walk on Saturday mornings instead of keeping you inside watching Yosemite Sam cartoons on T.V. Have you been chewing on the Colonial drapes in the plantation house again? Bad dog!

  4. Holy West Virginia….what a fine looking lot these five folks are!

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