Oh But a Majority Did Say Move Ahead?

Someone, deeply knowledge of the finances and affairs at the Elkton Alliance posted remarks under the pen name “Elkton Resident” a few days ago.  In doing so she made a number of observations, and there were a couple that are central to the discussion.  Someone Noticed  will thus respond by pointing out facts contained in municipal records.  We’ll not comment on the extraneous points, but focus on the central one, which was that the commissioners hadn’t reached the stage where they could vote on selling the land.

At the July 9, 2008 town meeting the Mayor asked the board for a decision on moving ahead, afer extensive dicussion on the subject. Discussion has occurred at previous meetings too, and we gather from observations that the idea was originally pitched in conferences at the Elkton Alliance.  Commissioners Jablonski and Piner, joined Mayor Fisona in saying move ahead, while Commissioner Givens abstained.  Commissioner Storke voted against it.  We’ve seen them take straw polls with similar results at other meetings too.

So perhaps Elkton resident should ask why they didn’t move ahead, instead of saying they’ve never had a chance to discuss the proposal.  The reason is that the political leadership didn’t know about important issues that the Environmental Protection Agency had identified with the property, we believe.  Except for that concern and a recommendation from the town administrator saying don’t do it, the process at the municipal level would have advanced, in our opinion.  

In being diligent on our end, we discovered the valuable recommendation document archived in the town files through a Maryland Public Information Act request.  If the commissioners were more diligent in researching their initiatives and used the staff professionals, it wouldn’t be as one commentator called it at the last town meeting “a comedy of errors.” 

We’re simply pointing out, in a factual sort of way, what they do.  Whatever transpires with their decisions and meetings is what we’re posting.  

The letter from the town adminsitrator and the clip of the town meetings follow.


(Town of Elkton – Workshop minutes of July 9, 2008)

Mayor Fisona asked the Board to review proposed agreement from MBAV, LLC. He said MBAV, LLC proposed to identify and negotiate the acquisition of a site suitable for a recreation center, in addition to negotiation of the sale of a Town-owned parcel to a commercial entity in order to fund the recreational facility.

Commissioner Piner questioned the location of the properties involved in the agreement. Ms. Minner stated the agreement proposed to sell a parcel adjacent to Route 40, which was originally purchased with Program Open Space Funds, using the proceeds from that sale to purchase a parcel located on Bridge Street on which to construct the recreational facility.

Commissioner Storke expressed concerns regarding the property on which the recreational center was to be built. He asked if the Maryland Department of the Environment (”MDE”) cleared the site for recreational use. He further questioned the restrictions regarding disposal of construction debris from the site.

Mayor Fisona queried the Board for a decision authorizing the execution of the MBAV, LLC agreement. Mayor Fisona and Commissioners Piner and Jablonski stated their support for the agreement. Commissioner Storke stated his opposition to the agreement. Commissioner Givens stated he was undecided.






3 responses to “Oh But a Majority Did Say Move Ahead?

  1. Maybe the Elkton Municipal Building could be included in ghost walk in October. Any strucuture with this many skeletons in the closet is bound to scare somebody! Mr. Mayor and commissioners, fess up. You were trying to swap the Elk Landing property for RMR.

  2. One Eyed Johnny,

    I agree with your comment! You have an A+ in my book!

  3. Thomas Jefferson

    Anyone else think its a little strange that Mary Jo is the Executive Director of the Elkton Alliance and Fisona is on the Board at Elk Landing? Lots of weird things going on now….

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