Much Ado Continues About Something – What the Record Shows on Commissioner Jablonski’s Comment in Today’s Whig

Or as one citizen said the “comedy of errors continues.” 

We were so disappointed to read Commissioner Jablosnki’s comments in the Cecil Whig today.  Largely inaccurate statements are what is fueling the rumors that she was so worried about at Wednesday’s town meeting.  Why, oh why won’t they just release a statement and tell everyone what they’re trying to do.  Clarify it and be straight with the people  That’s what will stop the rumors and help stop the “comedy of errors,” as one citizen characterized it at the town meeting.

For our part, we’re just trying to report what they actually do.  So we’ll pull out the fact checking approach once again to help understand what’s happening.

1.  Commissioner Jablonski denied that the town is trying to sell a historic property, the Cecil Whig reported in its Sept 8 issue:  WRONG–  They are trying to sell a part of that historic tract.  We’d heard 20 of the 62-acres.  Some say that’s wrong so please just tell the people.  But, whatever the case, they were definitely trying to sell part of it to fund some of the cost of a recreation center at the RMR property on Bridge Street.

2.  Commissioner Jablonski says “we are not trying to sell the Hollingsworth House.  CORRECT.  We’ve never heard that and do not believe its true.  That story is circulating because people are hearing something about selling part of the property so they’re making assumptions since the officials have been saying virtually nothing publicly until this morning. 

3.  Earlier this summer the idea of using the site as a recreation center was discussed — WRONG — Early on the town’s idea was to put a rec center down there, but when that concept came before the town board Commissioner Jablonski opposed that proposal.  She felt it was the wrong location for a recreation center.  Her opposition to the early proposal eventually resulted in the plan to sell some of the land to pay for a location elsewhere.  We’re not exactly sure of the time line on this, but if we can piece it together we’ll publish the facts online.  Whatever the case they’ve long sense moved away from the idea of putting a rec center off of Route 40 and were planning to sell the land to fund the other location, we believe.   For this fact-check it’s a very complicated thing and there is lots that we’re not privy too through Freedom of Information Act requests.  If we’re wrong on this, please just give us a public statement and clarify it.  I guess you could technically argue that they discussed the idea for they discuss lots of things.  But the bottom line is that they were planning on selling land down there to build a rec center at RMR, just a few meetings ago.

4.  The developer created a proposal [to develop a commercial property on the land] but nothing came of it.  WRONG — The developer proposed building a Target or some other commercial center on that location.  At first they were telling everyone it was a Target but lately they’ve changed that to some sort of commercial project!  Whether its alive or not at this very moment, it wasn’t dead on arrival.  As late as a July meeting of the town board, three of the commissioners voted to go ahead with the process, while Commissioner Storke voted against it.  One commissioner abstained.  Then just a few days ago she brought up the subject again.  We can’t tell you exactly where it stands at this very moment, but it appears to us, based on the commissioners comments Wednesday, that the idea of selling part of the tract is still something they’re working on.  Commissioner Jablonski was sure trying to get it approved at previous meetings, even after they knew that the RMR property had trouble.

5.  “. . . Mike Dixon, president of the Cecil County Historical Society, said . . .”  WRONG –  I’m not the president of the Historical Society of Cecil County.  The president of that organization is Paula Newton.  Incidentally, I am also not affiliated with Elk Landing and the purpose of this site is to simply serve as an advocate for an Elkton tract of property.  This blog is affiliated with no organization and is simply used as a method to provide advoacy for a Maryland Public Open Space Program property that was designed to maintained as an open space in perpetuity.

We have audio on several of these points and perhaps in a later posting, we’ll get that on-line.  There’s nothing like an “in their own words” piece to help straighten out the facts.


5 responses to “Much Ado Continues About Something – What the Record Shows on Commissioner Jablonski’s Comment in Today’s Whig

  1. Tsk Tsk Tsk! Sounds like Ms. Jablonski didn’t do her homework. I think she need a detention!

  2. The facts clearly support the contention that there was a plan to sell some of the POS land at Elk Landing to a developer. My question is “Where was the Historic Elk Landing Foundation board when all of this was propesed?” Were they actually considering a becoming an active party in a shady, possibly illegal land conversion scheme or were they just asleep at the switch? So far, the focus of Someone Noticed has been on the role town politics has played in this affair, but I believe there needs to be some sort of statement of accountability from the Elk Landing organization itself. I was under the impression that the 20 acres in question was in the HELF Master Plan for eventual use as a visitor center as parking, alowing for a temporal transition to the museum area where living history activites would occur. Has the mission of the organization changed? I hope someone from the management of HELF will make a statement on the record clarifying the organization’s postitiion of the sale of Elk Landing property.
    Your humble and obedient servant, Silence Nogood.

  3. The sky is falling! The sky is falling! No, wait a minute… the British are coming! The British are coming! No, that’s not right either. Here we go, the developers are coming, the developers are coming!! Oh the humanity! Where’s the hanging tree when you need it? There’s still the old red barn down there at Elk Landing, how about we take the entire board out behind it and smack some sense into them. What’s say ye boys!! To the barn!!

  4. Thomas Jefferson

    Well well well….Elk Landing must be desperate for money….or the board is to ignorant to realize how to run a “museum”(lets use that term loosely). Its so interesting to see how people can change their tune when money is involved. “Sure, take our history and give us a giant box store with no personality” Eh. I hope those old boys down there at landing lane realize what they are doing and stop all this nonsense. Although the Town Commissioners certainly don’t have it together either. Shame. I thought the Hollingsworth House could have been a really exciting place but at the current rate its just going to face demolition by neglect.

  5. I agree with you Mr. Jefferson. Tis a shame indeed. I give the Mayor and Commissioners another F in my gradebook for not caring about history.

    “History, history! We fools, what do we know or care.”
    –William Carlos Williams

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