Another Requirement Confirmed for Converting Maryland Public Open Space (POS) Land

There’s yet another requirement the town has to meet to sell land acquired through Program Open Space (POS) funding.  The manual says a jurisdiction must wait five years after it acquires a property.  To clarify we asked the state when that time started and they advised that its after the last payment.  We understand the town received its finally payment a short time ago.  While we’re not exactly sure we believe it’s been in the past year.  Thus they have years to go before they are allowed to sell the land that was designed to be maintained as a Maryland Open Space in perpetuity.   We’ll start working on that information too and pass it along to readers as soon as we can dig it up for you.

Did any of the town’s political leadership, especially the two  driving this deal, check of any these requirements before they rushed to sign a contract with a developer?  The record presened by this tangled web of confusion indicates that they did not.


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