Oh We Remember When . . .

We remember a time when four reporters often covered town meetings.  The News Journal, the Cecil Whig, the North East Record and WSER, our day time A.M. radio station, attended board meetings.  With four news services competing to bring the public the stories, it made each of them better since they could’t miss anything.  In those days there was some quality reporting that came out of those meetings.  It also helped with openness of government for the town knew that there was potential for their every action to be covered. 

Oh we remember .  .  .

Maybe they’ll get a little more coverage in the years ahead.


5 responses to “Oh We Remember When . . .

  1. A radio station with a community focus and an Internet based weekly alternative newspaper both sound like excellent ideas to me. Someone Noticed has done an excellent job of getting the facts out on the Elk Landing issue. A local radio station and an alternate newspaper could further the cause of free press by expanding investigative reporting into issues like BRAC, planning and development, apparent political conflict of interest, education and quality of life. Maybe Someone Noticed could expand and evolve to cover these important issues.
    Your humble and obdeient servant, Silence Nogood

  2. Where’s the signal Silence Nogood:

    We’re waiting. Are we standing by because of technical difficulties before we get returned to the programming already way in progress.

    Is it going to be like of those big talker stations are something!

    Silence Nogood please let us know where we should go and when we should dial in!



  3. Wayne Fenstermacher


    Are you remembering “The Times” of North East & Elkton – rather than the North East Record? I know it’s been 14-16 years ago and the memory is one of the first things to go…

  4. Hold it is this Wayne Fenstermacher checking in, a journalist of note from Cecil County’s past. Can it be! Where are you? We need some help at the top fo the Chesapeake in covering the “411 on the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton,” if you’re still in the area. So much news these days; so little time. Indeed I do remember and I remember some of the investigative pieces that came out of the weeklies, the Rising Sun Herald and the Times, when you were the editor of that group.

    Someone Noticed will stand corrected on the title. It was indeed the Times of North East and Elkton. How could I forget that. I guess I was thinking back over a century ago when North East had another newspaper, the North East Record. Oh what’s a hundred years, give or take.

    Beyond several of the pieces your weekly group did, I think I remember that you brought Journalism into the age of the Internet in Cecil County. Am I right on that? Wasn’t it way back in 1998, the primitve age of the World Wide Web and the digital age was very new here, that you put a paper online and actually did on the spot reporting from a town election and a bank robbery. As I recall it was nearly instant posting on the Net.

    If I’m right on that, we need to get a piece on bringing Journalism in Cecil into the digital age from you some day and some of your other recollections of working the beat as a young man in Cecil.

  5. Wayne Fenstermacher


    I spent about 8 years covering Cecil’s elected officials and would love to share some of the very “interesting” happenings.

    The business of local news has always been interesting – especially when you know the players involved. You have me interested.

    And, you have it a lot easier today than we did 12 years ago when we brought the first online local news covered to Cecil County. Hard-coding HTML without the aid of a WYSIWYG editor… having color photos processed at the Rite-Aid in the Big Elk Mall and scanning them on a flatbed scanner… and we were beating the Whig back then with news items! (I see that hasn’t changed much and that’s a shame.)

    I applaud your efforts and I just wish we could have provided the coverage via wireless network and had access to low-cost digital photo technology available today.

    Keep up the good work.


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