Oh What the People Are Googling for!

On the blog dashboard we monitor many of the activities taking place on Someone Noticed.  That’s how we know how much traffic we’re generating, how many unique visitors we have, and what they’re reading.

But there’s lots of other information.  One that’s been interesting as this issue gets more tangled and spins to another level is the terms web surfers enter into search engines to find the blog.  One of our most popular terms over the past several days is “Elkton Alliance.”  That just started popping up on the dashboard for it wasn’t something we’d seen much of before.  Another one is the name of a reporter from the Rising Sun Herald!  We’re not sure why that comes up though we did comment that she did a first-class piece of local journalism on the affects of the loss of the county office building on Main Street.  We were impressed when we read that insightful piece of journalism that took some time to investigate and put together.  We’ve seen several of Lisa Tome’s other piece recently, such as the first female officer on North East P.D.  We always intend to write a letter to her publisher about the value of that reporting, but somehow we never get around to it.  We’ll do that soon.  Many of the others are predictable, such as names of the officials involved, as well as key members of the town staff.

Keep Googling.  We’ll keep watching so we can keep the blogosphere informed.


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