Cecil’s Blogging

Since we launched Someone Noticed on Aug. 10, focusing on the “411 on the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton,” we’ve quickly learned about other news and advocacy blogs providing perspective on Cecil County issues.   Some focus on community news, while other take a political slant.  To help link them all together, as this new media form takes off here, allowing for citizen journalism and advocacy, you will find the ones that we’ve noted on the Blogroll.  By linking them all together, readers can hypertext from place to place, in what the trade calls a blogroll.

Our dashboard shows that our largest number of linked hits are coming from a recently created site the Chesapeake City Mirror, a news blog for the canal town.  We surf over to that site each day to get caught up on happenings in local government and the community there.  For a new arrival in the blogosphere, they’ve created a lively,  informative sheet that’s providing additional insight on that town.

We’re also getting hits from CanalSide and the Cecil County Blog.  Each of those comes at this new, cost-effective medium, with different perspective.  We have other sites, such as the Port Deposit blog, also listed.  Check them all out.  They’re informative, and we appreciate the hits they’re providng to someone noticed.


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