We Need More Government Watchdogs Like Gary Storke, Whig Says

“We need more government watchdogs like Gary Storke.  He’s to be commended for his commitment to the public’s trust,” said a Whig editorial on Aug 14.

We concur with that editorial.  Since Commissioner Jablonski and Mayor Fisona first started spearheading the drive to sell Program Open Space land at Elk Landing, we’ve closely watched the town board in action.   Its very enlightening.  Typically Commissioner Storke is the one to take on the tough issues that come before the board, especially if it is going to cost his constituents, the taxpayers, money.  He’s not afraid to ask hard questions, try to pull facts out of all the noise that’s swirling around the meeting, and make challenging decisions that are for the larger public good.

We’d know much less about the Elk Landing deal if Commissioner Storke had not asked the questions that needed to be answered of Mayor Fisona, Commissioner Jablonski, and the developer.  So many of these are obvious, such as what does this proposal do to future expansion of our sewer plant, what’s the logic of building a recreation center on a Brownfield and on it goes.  Mostly no one has the answers for the commissioner.  Mayor Fisona once commented to us that there was “no plan,” and on that assertion we believe he’s right. Someone  must have just come along with an idea! and the town was ready to buy it  

Commissioner Storke’s due diligence in looking out for the public is not something we see much of in local politicans these days.


2 responses to “We Need More Government Watchdogs Like Gary Storke, Whig Says

  1. I had the the chyance to see Commissioner Storke in action at last Wednesday’s Elkton Board of Commissioners meeting. His dedication to the principles of good government and his irrascible personality remind me of a past governor of this state who is remembered as a model of public service. Hereafter, I shall refer to the good commssioner as “William Donald Storke.” Your humble and obiediant servant, Silence Nogood

  2. Silence Nogood:

    We’re happy that someone else besides Someone Noticed picked up on this and we think your analogy is perfectly describes the good commissioner. Unfortunately few of our elected leaders are willing to set a high standard for serving the public and speak out on topics for the broader public good, especially when it exposes them to criticism from groups with vested interests. Your analogy of Governor William Donald Schaffer and Commissioner C. Gary Storke seems appropriate to us here at Someone Noticed.

    The Cecil Whig noticed to so I guess people are noticing.

    Commissioner Storke will speak up for the public, even if he is the lone voice and all the vested interests in the community are opposed to what he has to say. We were there last week when Commissioner Storke spoke up for the town’s taxpayers once again. I seldom hear that from the others.

    Perhaps we at Someone Noticed will do a full editorial on this sometime soon Ms. Nogood.

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