Another Letter to the Editor – Setting the Record Straight

Letter to the Editor published in the Cecil Whig, Tuesday, Sept. 9th:  (The Whig has a 250 word limit for letters)


What is this in today’s Cecil Whig that Commissioner Mary Jo Jablonski said that Elkton is not trying to “sell a historic property?”  Records contain just the opposite facts for the board has discussed selling part of the property at several closed and open door meetings.  Take these two examples: They recently voted 3 to 1 to hire a developer to manage the process.  In another instance they wrote to the State to get approval to sell part of the open space funded land.

Commissioner Jablonski also said: “We had a conversation about developing a recreational center (on Elk Landing), but we haven’t had any further discussions.  The town minutes of July 9 note: “Mayor Fisona asked the Board to review proposed agreement from MBAV, LLC. He said MBAV, LLC proposed to identify and negotiate the acquisition of a site suitable for a recreation center, in addition to negotiation of the sale of a Town-owned parcel to a commercial entity in order to fund the recreational facility.  . . . Mayor Fisona queried the Board for a decision authorizing the execution of the MBAV, LLC agreement. Mayor Fisona and Commissioners Piner and Jablonski stated their support for the agreement. Commissioner Storke stated his opposition to the agreement. Commissioner Givens stated he was undecided.”

The Commissioner also said that there were rumors about trying to sell the Hollingsworth House. On that point, she is correct.

That is what the record shows thus far.


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