Port Deposit Understands Importance of Protecting Public Open Space

Having long since learned to fact-check every statement related to the proposal to sell Public Open Space Land at Elk Landing, we contacted the Town of Port Deposit to see if it was true that they’d sold a parcel.  What caused our query was that Commissioner Jablonski used Port Deposit as an example of a municipality that had sold Public Open Space Land in order to encourage the Mayor and Commissioners of Elkton to move ahead with turning this tract over to a commercial developer.  We thus got busy fact-checking through several sources.


This evening we received a response from Mayor Abrams of Port Deposit, which we’ll summarize here:


“[The town of Port Deposit] has not, will not and isn’t considering the sale of any open space land within the town limits,”  — Mayor Abrams.   


Verizon approached Port Deposit two years ago about purchasing the site, but after checking with the Department of Natural Resources to review the parameters of open space funding, that jurisdiction decided the regulations did not allow them to sell state-funded open space.


What a different track these two Cecil County municipalties have taken on the same public-policy issue and the same set of regulations!  Someone Noticed thanks Mayor Abrams and the Town Council of Port Deposit for being diligent and careful stewards of the public’s land.


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