Big Event at Elk Landing This Weekend

The front of the C section of today’s Whig has a nice piece about lots of goings on at Elk Landing this weekend.  Check out the paper to get the details since you may want to stop by.

Normally we wouldn’t take note of this announcement except for the posting from someone using the pen-name “Elkton Resident.”  She’s knowledgebale about the affairs of the Elkton Alliance and critical of Elk Landing’s management.

Here’s one of her points:

” The Elk Landing Foundation is almost as old as the Elkton Alliance and what have they accomplished. NOTHING! They barely do any events, and the ones they have are not publicized enough for people to even know they exist. I wouldn’t even know they exist if it wasn’t for the Elkton Alliance listing them in their newsletter and on their website.

We are not affilated with Elk Landing, and as we said when the series of posting started we don’t want to evaluate the strengths and weakness of either organization.   Our mention of either one has been brief and only done when necesseary for fact-checking or when we commented on something related to our position.  The purpose of this blog is to simply save some Maryland Public Open Space and it is not advantageous to our advocacy to do any type of critical analysis of the organizations.  That’s a seperate story and best allowed to rest for another time, if its appropriate at all. 

Anyway since she’s missing the news about activities, which we seem to see on the front of the C section with regularity, we thought we’d get it posted on someone noticed, since we believe she’s a frequent enough visitor to our site.

The purpose of the Alliance, revitalization of our downtown, our Main Street, is very important to the community.   As for Elk Landing, it can serve as a significant tourism draw, once they get the restoration work done.  A report estimated that it could draw tens of thousands of visitors to Elkton and surely some of those would stop by the retail businesses on Main Street, once the cultural resource opens.  Think of the synergy with that tourist draw as the Alliance reinvigerates businesses on Main Street.  They’ll have the added market potential of so many tourists visting the county seat.  We wish both organizations well with their core missions.


8 responses to “Big Event at Elk Landing This Weekend

  1. I have to say that I agree with Elkton Resident on this, how long do we have to wait for something good to happen down there? But then again I also agree that there is potential there. But how many chances do they get? Come on Elk Landing, focus on your mission and not politics and selling your land.

  2. Zebulon Hollingsworth

    “Well, there you go again” Mr. Jefferson! Can’t you read in your old age? Is not a Home and Hearth Day at Elk Landing a good thing? Is not Defenders Day held earlier this year a good thing? Is not the Ghost Walk scheduled for October a good thing? Is not Vintage Base Ball a good thing? Is not restoration of my old mansion a good thing? Were not all the archeological digs good things? Come on. Granted, the Elk Landing board may have done a knuckle headed thing by agreeing to look into selling some of its land for development, but there are some good things going on there. Even Mr. Jefferson gave his arch nemesis, Mr. Hamilton, his due.

  3. Alexander Hamilton

    Why Thomas Jefferson! What on earth are you doing on here?!

  4. Oh Zeb…yes these are good events, but quite honestly, attendance is never high, and wait a minute, what happened to first Saturday tours? I can’t even tell my descendants to come down and have a look anymore.

    I just think the board needs to reevaluate their progress and their goals, that place is not even close to being a museum, and it could be an amazing place for learning and teaching.

    And leave Andy out of this.

  5. Zebulon Hollingsworth

    Well at least, Mr. Jefferson, you are admitting the error of your ways. That didn’t happen very often when you were with us physically. As for the First Saturday tours, they are alive and well, thank you… every first Saturday of the month between April and December. I heard that last weekend’s tour was cancelled due to Hanna, but all the rest were held on time and on schedule. I agree, Mr. J. that Elk Landing could be an amazing place and, in fact, it already is. Perhaps it does not live up to your Monticello standards, but my old mansion is not Monticello and never will be. However, maybe we, like you and Mr. Adams, could renew our friendship and work together to make Elk Landing the “amazing place” you and I envision. What say you sir?

    Your humble and obedient servant…. ZH

  6. Zebulon Hollingsworth

    Mr. Hamilton, I presume! Good to hear from you again. You were involved in several land deals in your day, what say you about this one in good old Elkton? You worked out that national debt and national capital location thing with Mr. Jefferson back in the day. The Mayor and Town Commissioners could use your help now.

    Reminds me of a song…

    “Where have you gone, Mr. Hamilton,
    Our Elkton turns its lonely eyes to you.
    You, you, you.

    What’s that you say Mr. Hamilton,
    The land’s not worth the price we’d have to pay.
    Hey, hey, hey.
    Hey, hey, hey.”

  7. After monitoring Mike’s blog for some time, I feel the need now to defend what others are saying about Elk Landing. I have been a board member of HELF for 4 years now as the volunteer director of events and programing. As many of you know, Elk Landing is in the developmental stages. To keep the public interested in Elk Landing and to start offering educational opportunities we have limited events and programming that takes place periodically. We do not have a paid staff and we have a very miniscule budget from which to work with. For “Elkton Resident” who appears to have close ties to the Elkton Alliance the criticism of Elk Landing is inconceivable. I would think this person would want Elk Landing to succeed so that it brings day trippers in to town. The base ball club that plays at Elk Landing has brought great fame to the tiny town of Elkton. Its competitors are from Hartford, New York, Washington and other much larger venues, but people in the vintage community sure know about Elkton now. When they come to town and usually stay over night, they are having banquets or dinner at the Howard House, staying at Elkton hotels, and enjoying the best sites the region has to offer. When day trippers come to visit Elk Landing for our limited events and lectures, they wind up in Elkton shopping or dinning. As Elk Landing grows, so does Elkton so I don’t understand why we would be criticized by this person? For you others in town that have been criticizing about our events and programming, why not stop complaining and join us. We are in desperate need of volunteers to help plan and execute programs. We more than welcome fresh new ideas to make the site grow. Each event does not happen over night. There is a small handful of wonderful volunteers who spend months of their precious time planning these events. If these people or myself were paid to produce programming, then you have every right to criticize the programming and events. Since we are not, please do not complain, but rather help us. Just like anything in the world, don’t just complain about something, but see what you can do to make the problem right or fix it to the outcome you want. Please join us for Home and Hearth Day on Saturday. It should be a fun and entertaining day for the entire family.
    Bruce Leith
    Director, Events & Programming
    Historic Elk Landing Foundation

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