Elk Landing Official Responds to Comments

Bruce Leith, Elk Landing’s programming director, has responded to some criticism leveled at Elk Landing. Click here to see his note.

Until we get around to posting our thoughts on this, we’ll simply point out that Bruce is a volunteer, just like everyone else at the Landing. These hard working volunteers, many of them giving a tremendous amount of time, to produce programming and create a tourist product for Elkton that will draw tens of thousands of visitors to the county seat each year.

Whatever you think about the land deal (our opinion is obvious), we know the entire community owes these volunteers a word of thanks for all the many hours they contribute to open this important cultural resources. That group does not have access to paid staffers, or the governmental funding that supports those types of positions, to move it toward its goals and produce its outcomes.  They do it for no direct compensation, simply because they care for the site and community.

Thank you hard working volunteers for making Elk Landing and the Town of Elkton a better, richer place.


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