Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) Puts Sunshine on Government Activities

Please stand By we’re working on more news now.

Earlier we filed two additional Maryland Public Information Act (MPIA) requests to obtain more information on governmental activities related to the Elk Landing transaction.  In accordance with MPIA guidelines we should hear something soon on the first request. That one specifically concerns communications between the Mayor and Elk Landing about his proposal, including the comments he (or his representatives) made at an Elk Landing Board meeting. We believe the information about that presentation will be helpful for understanding this tangled web.

As the past couple of weeks unfolded, we also listened to comments at town meetings and read in the press about how this thing started.   These Comments from officials, especially the different versions that we’ve heard, have our attention.  Some of that doesn’t triangulate very well with the rumors we’ve heard for a long time.  Thus since we need to fact-check this to see if there’s anything to the comments and the rumors, we knew we had to do more work.  We don’t know what will come out of that second request but our other data mining tasks have helped figure out what they’re doing.  (They  weren’t going to make formal statement to the public.)  We’ll check it out and at least construct a factually based time-line, from the beginning. That’ll help control the rumors too.

As soon as we get something, we’ll post the facts.

Here’s a link to MPIA manual for your reference.


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