CanalSide Takes Note of Fine New Elkton Resturant

CanalSide, one of the Chesapeake City Blogs, reviewed a fine new Elkton restaurant , Indian Cook House. We’ve clipped part of the review, but click on the link to read the entire piece.

“What we found was a veritable gem in the middle of Elkton….a little place called “Indian Cook House.” We have eaten in many Indian restaurants, from Washington D.C., to Philadelphia, and even Montreal. The food in this unassuming little restaurant rivals any we’ve had in the big city. If you like Indian, check this place out! Everything tasted so fresh and delicious, and we had fun trying to detect every delectable spice in each complex dish. The fried appetizers were light and h-so-tasty, and didn’t have that “hey you need to change your cooking oil more often” problem that so many restaurants have.

We at Someone Noticed agree. It’s an excellent restaurant, the food is superb, and the service is outstanding. Since we discovered it about a month ago, we stop in a couple of times a week for meals. We welcome the Singh family to the Elkton business community.

Indian Cook House 5 Commercial Plaza Elkton, MD 21921


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