Should We Expand “Someone Noticed?”

We think there’s an opportunity in the blogosphere to do much more with Elkton area news, which we’ve commented on a few times. Our question to you, our good readers, is should we open up the blogosphere to more higher-end Elkton area news?

Having now attended town meetings for awhile, we know there’s a lot more that is of interest that could be addressed. By higher end news, we thinking of insightful important commentary that we don’t see elsewhere. For example, what’s going on with the planning commission, how has the relocation of the courthouse affected downtown, how is revitailzation of Main Street going now that we’ve been at it for over a decade, what’s happening with BRAC in Elkton, or has anyone seen the train yet.

Feel free to post your comments and suggestions, as we think this over. Of course, we would open the blog up to regular writers and posters too.


8 responses to “Should We Expand “Someone Noticed?”

  1. Wayne Fenstermacher

    You really should expand if you’re interested in taking the time to do so. Elected officials are always fun to watch – and with your help, we have a ring-side seat… 3 rings… good seats to everyone.

    And, as you point out – and I recall from more than a decade ago – the local daily isn’t interested in covering the town as it could. It’s a desire not to provide the coverage. There are certainly capable.

    I really like the idea that you’ve suggested about providing video as well. If you edit it down, it’ll make for some interesting watching. There’s got to be 5 good minutes at each meeting. The only thing I’d ask is – please don’t run the entire meetings.

    It’s always entertaining to watch local officials in action.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Friendly Elkton Merchant

    Mr. Moderator,
    I wholeheartedly endorse the idea of expanding “Someone Noticed” to include other issues affecting the Town of Elkton including general politics, BRAC, relocation of county workers, dining, entertainment, and any other topics of civic interest.
    I attended the Elkton Board of Commissioner’s meeting the other week and Iwas glad to see fellow “Some Noticed” bloggers including Moderator Mike and Minuteman in attendance. During the meeting , a feisty elderly woman addressed the gathering. The matron stated that Elkton looks like a “ghost town.” She decried the reloation of 200 plus county workers from downtown Elktonto the new county office building out near the Delaware line. The lady said we all have been “hoodwinked” by this action. I agree. The loss of the county workers has hurt the remaining businesses in downtown Elkton. Less people shop in the stores and eat in local restaurants. I wouldn’t be suprised to see a bank its downtown branch and relocate to a more convenient location along U.S. Route 40. This is a shame. Elkton for the most part is clean and attractive. The town has a rich history that dates to the earliest days of settlement in the northern Chesapeake region.
    Perhaps the Elkton Alliance could take on an advertising campaign similar to the one launched by Elk Falls, Kansas. This little town in the south-central part of the Sunflower State suffering from a declining population went on an advertising offensive, and billing itelf as the largest living ghost town in America. The town adopted the motto, “It may look abandoned but people actually live here.” The municipality formed an arts and entertainment district (sound familiar?) and conducts a yearly fall festival that includes a walking tour of the town.
    Elkton should consider including the Muncipal Building in the” arts and entertainment district.” The town meeting I attendend was the most entertaining event in town that I have been to in years! They should sell popcorn in the lobby.

  3. Wayne Fenstermacher

    How enterprising an idea… A program could be offered to those coming through the door — because, as you know, “you can’t tell the players without a program…”

    The problem with the idea is that the humor isn’t always obvious at the time it’s happening – unless the program can provide some insight into what’s happened and what might be coming up…

    Actually, that’s what this blog could be… really!

    Mike and others could provide the agenda and the insight needed to follow along during the “event” that the regular meeting could become. Others could post questions that could be proffered during the public session — and the meeting could be orchestrated from cyberspace. Do you think the officials would catch on if someone doesn’t tell them.

    Might be fun to see if it could happen. Script out the questions based on the agenda and everyone could take part in the “public” play. There are already some interesting characters in the lead roles. You just need a few “extras” each month to add some spice.

    Hmmm… The possibilities… The possibilities.

  4. Mike– I love your blog and commend you for doing the community watchdog journalism that our print paper can’t be bothered doing. I’ve just started a new blog that will focus on southern Cecil County as well as general countwide politics and issues. I have linked to your blog and would ask you to do the same. My blog is:

  5. Cecil Times:

    As we say on someone noticed, to everyone, come on in, the blogosphere’s fine. It’s good to have Cecil Times out there and I’ve read several of your intresting posts about the county commissioners race, the just announced bank mergers, and some more. It’s great how fast blogs can respond weith breaking news. I’ll going to put Cecil Times on an RSS feed and I’ll surf over each evening to catch your jottings.

    Also, thanks for the kind words. If we can ever do anything to help, please let us know. We also hope more people take up blogging for advocacy and community news.


  6. Friendly Elkton Merchant

    Wayne Fentermacher,
    Your idea is brilliant. Mike, Let’s make it happen. -F.E.M.

  7. To Friendly Elkton Merchant-
    If you and the Elkton Alliance wants to look at a role model, look towards West Chester, PA. The same exact thing happened there. The county government left for the “suburbs” of West Goshen and West Chester was left with nothing put thrift shops, some law offices, and fly by night small businesses. It took a few years for them to realize it, but now it has become a great place to dine and entertain. Look at all the great restaurants and entertainment options and realize you can do the same thing at Elkton. Very similar!

  8. Crazy History Teacher

    You’re right Mr. Rudulph. West Chester, Pa. is a nice town! But I don’t think Elkton would ever get around to it. They probably don’t know where West Chester is!

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