As the Blogosphere Turns – An Update on Someone Noticed

Since we’re getting so much traffic on Someone Noticed we’ve made some additions and updates to make the weblog more visitor friendly.

  • We launched a new theme face last week. Designed by Chris Pearson, it’s called cutline. We like this style better than the original since its more attractive, more reader friendly, and easier to navigate.
  • We’ve have over 120 comments from site visitors.  Reactions to our posting, rumors around town, and a little more, many are funny, some are serious, and a few stray from the issue. Whatever the case this is one of the strengths of the Net, the interactive dialogue it allows. We’ve only blocked a couple comments and edited a few more.
  • Whatever your opinions on the subject, we encourage your posts as long as they don’t become personal attacks. Many of our commentators are funny and humor is welcome as long as it does not go too far. One of our favorite Cecil County Blogs, the Chesapeake City Mirror explained its approach to postings in a way we like. If you want to see how they approached it click on the link above.
  • Because there are so many commentators now and so much traffic in that section it has become hard to find new postings. To help navigate around the comments area, you will find a new sidebar for recent comments. That should help with traffic control there since you can just scan the side bar to see the recent jottings.
  • We also have so many primary article that it is also hard to keep up with those. To help, we’ve added a side bar listing the top posts that visitors read. You’ll notice that the comments from the Elk Landing officials heads that list.

There’s much more news in the works so we’re waiting to hear from town officials on our most recent Public Information Act requests. As soon as we hear something we’ll get the data out to readers. It shouldn’t be too much longers since there are state guidelines on requests. And if history is any pattern the Mayor or one of the Commmissioners will surely make some news for us soon. That’s what we’ve seen in the past, just when we thought things were getting quiet.

We’ll say more soon on expanding this blog to cover a variety of other topics of interest to Elkton area residents.


One response to “As the Blogosphere Turns – An Update on Someone Noticed

  1. Thanks for mentioning my blog. Yours and others keep me on my toes and push me to increase the quality of my writing and reporting.

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