It’s Wed. Evening; We’re Blogging Live from the Town Hall

We’re blogging live from the town hall this evening.  if a newsworthy event about Elk Landing or anything else breaks out, we’ll dash off a flash news piece for you.  Once we get past the break news, we’ll then follow up with a more detailed piece.

We must say in watching the routine meeting thus far, we are impressed with the insightful, probing questions that Commissioner Givens asks of staff, citizens, and others presenting matters to the board.  Designed to gain insight that allows the commissioners make informed decisions and validate statement,  he does this in a very professional way.  Of course, he’s a coach and a Vice-Principal so we suspect we’re seeing decades of well honed leadership as an educator facilitating his management skills.  That’s not an anomaly either with Commissioner Givens since we’ve seen his helpful queries when other decisions have come before the board.

The last time we watched Mr. Givens run a meeting in the absence of Mayor Fisona, his professionalism also come through.  What a difference that was in that it was conducted in an orderly, logical way.  It reminded us of the 20-years of the administration of Mayor James Crouse.  While you might disagree with Mayor Crouse on specific issues, he had a plan for the town, knew where he wanted to take the municipality, implemented his public policies and certainly ran efficient meetings.  In recent decades he sat the gold standard for excellence in managing municipal Elkton government.

One has to only look at the recent decades of history of the municipal corporation to see how well it prospered during the Crouse administration.  There’s nothing like knowing where you want to go and having a plan to get there.  Just look at the tangled Elk Landing Web.  I don’t believe anyone had a well-thought ot plan for that one and I wonder about many of the other issues I hear.


3 responses to “It’s Wed. Evening; We’re Blogging Live from the Town Hall

  1. Crazy History Teacher

    Way to go Commissioner Givens! He makes us educators proud!

  2. Wayne Fenstermacher

    Commissioner Givens had impressed me as well when I was covering the town’s public meetings. He also now has nearly 15 years MORE experience under his belt and I can only imagine that he stands head and shoulders above many elected officials when it comes to professionalism.

    I, too, must say former Mayor Crouse ran orderly meetings. Even in the face of controversy – he was calm, cool and collected. That was also perceived as arrogance.

    Ahhh, the recollection of the “fun” times in those meetings. This just takes me back…

  3. Wayne, it’s good to hear from an old Cecil County journalist from the beat 15 years ago or so, especially one that enjoyed the chase involved in getting a dynamic story. That’s something virtually all the print papers are missing these days. I remember a few other reporters over the decades that also had the fire to go after good pieces and produce some well-crafted articles that provided worthwhile copy. One was a talented journalist from Lancaster, Pa., Justin Quinn. I think he’s with the Lancaster New Era now or at least that’s what I’d last heard. He brought a great energy to the Cecil Whig and did some fine beat work and feature reporting down here as a young reporter. There were a few more over the decades too.

    Oh wait I just Googled up his name and I see that he has a blog

    Justin’s U.S. Conservative Politcs Blog at

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